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Non-Woven Ultrasonic Tote Bags

PP Non-Woven Tote Bags - PP Non-Woven Ultrasonic Tote Bags

Material: made of polyester non-woven fabric, with high durability and light weight, not easy to break for durable and long-lasting use

Ultrasonic sealed shopping bag reusable shopping bag. This bag is made 100% automatically by a heat-seal machine.

We Can Provide Non-Woven Tote Bags with:

  • Competitive price.

  • Support & flexibility & samples.

  • Quality control with guarantee.

  • On Time Delivery Commitment.


Ultrasonic tote bag 1


Ultrasonic tote bag 2


Ultrasonic tote bag 3


Ultrasonic tote bag 4


Ultrasonic tote bag 5

Ultrasonic tote bag 5

Ultrasonic tote bag 6

Ultrasonic tote bag 7

Descriptions & features:

  • For wholesale & retail Promotional PP Woven Shopping Bag

       High Quality tote Reusable Heavy Duty Eco Laminated.

  • All of our products can be customized. Any sizes, shapes, designs,

       logos meet your requirement.

  • Moisture Proof, Recyclable, Biodegradable.

1. Fully automatic by machine, low cost and fast production


2. The bag type can be made into:

  a)  with gusset side and bottom.

  b)  with bottom and no gusset side.

  c)  with gusset side and no bottom.

3. It can bear 10-15kgs.

Item Description:

Sample Dimensions: 43.5x33.5x15cm

Sample Material:  PP non woven with lamination 120 gsm

Printing:  Gravure printing


1. Gravure printing, the printing color is CMYK.  Need to charge the

printing plates charge.

2. Due to the limitation of the machine, the maximum bag size is usually

controlled within 50 * 40 * 15cm, and the handle length is controlled

within 50cm.                   

3. MOQ:30000pcs


The price shall be confirmed according to the printed pattern, gram weight and quantity.

Reference FOB Cost
$ 0.27 /pc (The printing plates fee is charged separately)
Production time
25 - 35 days
Packing way
200pcs/carton, carton size:45*36*50cm
Quantity:(one 20 GP)
63000 pcs
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