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Welcome to FoodPackin Company

Food packaging solutions provider since 2011. As a one-stop provider of food packaging solutions, we are look forward to helping you grow your business and improve the food consumption experience for the millions of people around the world who rely on them for their daily food consumption.

Our trust-inducing processes ensures that our customers receive products that meet their high expectations in safety, ease of use and green disposal.

And with the fast-paced progress in new offerings, we are confident you will always be one step ahead of your competition in enhancing the value proposition you offer consumers of your food products.

We look forward to serving you.

Faithfully Yours,

FoodPackin Team

FoodPackin Company

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Founded in 2011, Food Packin Company, focused early on the food packaging industry, supplying its customers with cutting-edge new products at competitive prices. With packing being an integral part of the value proposition of our customers’ products and services, our customers expect a reliable and innovative provider of packaging supplies.

Over the years we helped grow our customer business through:


  • Reliable and Cost-effective Packaging Solutions

  • Processes that earn the trust of our customers

  • Innovative Solutions to their Packaging Needs

  • Nurturing Relationships that Inspire Trust and Integrity


Whatever your food packaging needs, we are confident we can inspire you to offer better

value to your customers, better use Earth’s resources, and increase your shareholders’ returns.



We help food manufacturers and catering services grow their businesses by offering them innovative and reliable packaging products and solutions that enhance the value proposition they offer food consumers

Innovative and Reliable Food Packaging that Constantly Transforms Food Consumption and Save Resources

We save you the hassle of coordinating the efforts and standards of myriad sources and spreading your resources across numerous manufacturers with different ways of working and responding to your needs.

Our Services


We are professional providers for providing the integrated solutions about food packaging.

  • We offer all our experience.

  • Products ideas development, we turn the ideas into reality.

  • We have special concepts and accumulated experiences.

  • Design and printing solutions.

  • Provide all supplies and materials needed for food packaging.

  • Smart tools and machines you need it for packaging.

  • Small quantity shipping solutions.

Why FoodPackin?

Trust-inducing Processes

Our processes are designed and engineered to ensure you get your food packaging to the highest standards you ascribe to. Starting from documenting your needs in the first call, to controlling raw material procurement, to monitoring production and all the way to freighting your goods, we ensure that your expected standards are adhered to and timelines are fulfilled.

Innovative Product Offerings

Food packaging is constantly evolving due to changes in consumer preferences, regulations and technological advancements that render many packaging products obsolete or expensive in remarkably short periods. As our team scores the industry for new developments daily, we are helping our customers proactively respond to competitive changes.

The Relationship: A Journey and not a deal

With one account manager dedicated to your inquiries and orders, we make sure we know you closely and grasp your packaging needs intimately. We don’t see ourselves as sellers of products but as partners in our customer’s business journey and we make sure our customer have our back all the time.

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