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Material details:
PP – PS Dishes - spoon - fork – knife DISPOSABLE disposable materials


We meet what's the restaurants needs

Available in different shapes and sizes and colors .

  • Our plastic containers and others packaging items are ready for sale in eco-conscious markets

  • Approval from FDA - EU, they are also made with environment-friendly materials such as PS - PP

  • Environmentally friendly reusable and food safety standard

  • Dust free production environment

PLATE 3.jpg

Plates spoons and forks

PLATE 1.jpg

Plastic plate 1

شوكة بلاستيك 2.png

Plastic forks

صحن بلاستيك 3.jpg

Plastic plate 2

ملاعق بلاستيك 2.png

Plastic spoons

غطاء وعاء البلاستيك لحفظ ونقل اسياخ الشاورما.png

Plastic plate 3

صحن 2.jpg

Forks and knifes

شوكة وسكين 1.jpg

Paper plate

ملاعق بلاستيك 3.png

Plastic spoon

ملعقة بلاستيكية 4.jpg

Plastic soup spoon

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