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Kraft paper bags is environmentally friendly recyclable and bio degradable.

Varying hardness depending on its thickness.

Its resources are renewable, whether natural or recycled.

It is the best friend of the environment.

The best alternative to plastic bags, a renewable resource, that can be recycled, healthy in use.

Anti-Oxidant, Non-Toxic, Odorless.

It gives an aesthetic appearance and a higher value to the products inside, good in branding.

Attractive and look a lot classier than other plastic bags.

Kraft paper shopping and gift bag 1
Kraft paper shopping and gift bag 2
Kraft paper shopping and gift bag 3
Kraft paper shopping and gift bag 4

We Can Provide Kraft Paper shopping Bag with:

  • Competitive price and quality.

  • Support & flexibility & samples & complete supply chain.

  • Quality control with guarantee. 

  • On Time Delivery Commitment.

  • outstanding design team.



  • Kraft paper shopping & gift bags versatile use in modern life.

  • Very nice and perfect for holding a lot of things.

  • For advertising purposes in retail stores, and big companies, For packaging gifts, Candy and Food.

  • For bakeries Cookie, toast, French bread, For fast food restaurants, food deliver, takeaways, Sandwiches.

  • For daily life and occasions such as Parties and Wedding Marriage.

Product Description:

  • Paper shopping and gift bag are made from thick 260 - 300gsm quality paper with a reinforced cotton rope handle.

  • It is used for any occasion.

  • Shopping bag use in gift, promotion, advertising and souvenir

  • Square bottom makes this bag could stand alone, easy to fill, These type of bag without Laminated Poly Liner,

  • These paper bags are only suitable for carrying the dry food, these bags good for printing your company logo on them.

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